Eye on the 5, and the Internet of Things


This week in Las Vegas was an unveiling of network intelligence to deploy a higher speed of 4G wireless networks to the next generation 5. Vestberg, a CEO for the industry stated the 5G network will be smarter not just faster. The conference called “The Internet of Things” shared Vestberg’s vision of a network intelligence connection to every object and to each other. He holds the idea of changing lives for the better. In an interview, Vestberg stated “We are seeing the biggest transformation ahead of us.” Ericsson, which is known as the world’s largest telecom vendor along with Vestberg have been discussing the ideals of a connected society for many year. Ericsson is already ahead in working on the technology, especially for the 5G, although he doesn’t see this happening until 2020.

4G has always been about speed, but imagine a 5G being not only about speed but also which thinks. Vestberg said as a result of 5G, service-aware networks will be springing up; networks with understanding context, almost like a personal connection to that device. Using a self-driving car as an example, he said a 5G network will have the intelligence to recognize the driver will need a higher connection speed for their smartphone, yet the car will need a lower connection to speed up response time. If the device is running low on power, then radio pings will be reduced to save energy.
This concept will only work if every car is connected. Many car manufacturers are already on board. Subaru stated they would bring a 4G LTE connection to select 2016 model automobiles. Volvo has been involved in this project from the early stages. General Motors and Audi are expected to follow suit in the near future.Mobile communications 1G-5G infographics LANDSCAPE 400px

In other scenarios of connectedness would be the medical field. Remote surgeries performed from different areas are fast becoming a reality. At ” The Internet of Things” Ericsson also demonstrated a connected bike helmet which when paired with connected cars, lead the cars to sense the bike and automatically braked in order to avoid a collision. Samsung has pledged loyalty to this all-things-connected concept and states everything they sell will be able to connect to internet within 5 years.

Looking ahead to 2020, the world will be connected, 85 percent will have at least a 3G connection. Sixty percent will be on to 4G. Vestberg said “the key to a fully connected society is getting everyone up and running on a consistent network. Once the connections are in place, that’s when the fun starts. People will come up with ways to innovate,” Vestberg added, “It’s a total paradigm shift.” All in the world we live in today…the internet of things.