What Can You Do With 3G?


In the ever-changing universe of cell phone technology, there are people who actually don’t know a whole lot about the ‘science’ behind their phones. The fascination for the latest phone brings such exhilaration, that unless you’re a tech nerd; it is easy to overlook how your phone got to where it is today.
When speaking of 3G phones this is simply a 3rd Generation Mobile Telecommunications. This technology suggests there have been two previous generations of phones before the 3G (known as 1G and 2G). Each generation comes with improvements in terms of data transfer speed and reliability. Sometimes the advancement also means new little tweaks and features. There is an increased need for faster internet and apps so each generation of mobile technology brings the solution. A 3G phone is your broadband mobile device which opens up a whole range of services available to you. Once you learn how your phone functions, you will discover the endless possibilities of owning a 3G mobile.

In this technology, this 3rd generation device has between 144kb/s up to 2mb/s. Simply, this is about connectivity and download speed. Having a 3G device allows you to access the internet through the mobile from almost anywhere. It also allows for data and voice to be transmitted at same time (think of video calls). As with any mobile device remember your transfer speed can be interrupted or slowed down due to numerous interruptions such as network traffic, locations, and weather. Another important factor to consider is your data plan. Unless you have a large data allowance, it is easy to use up your data quickly for the time period between payments, and charges could apply for extra data usage. Always know your data plan, and what your data limit is set at. Your internet surfing will also drain your battery quicker, particularly on a 3G or newer 4G Smartphone.There are advanced versions of the 3G which will connect faster to networks. If the letter H appears on your Smartphone screen, this means you have used this technology. It is an enhanced version of 3G called HSDPA, like a 3.5G but not yet a 4G, still it is a significant boost in speeds.

110510_iphone_ap_328There is a great selection of mobile devices available with 3G. These cell phones and tablets provide a superior connection and fast download speeds. Even with the introduction of the 4G now, which boasts of potential download speeds of at least 100mb/s, the 3G still is perfect for the average user. Acquiring a 3G is ultimately less expensive too, as with each new generation of technology there is the high purchase ticket with it. Sometimes it is better to familiarize the abilities of this technology on a less costly device. The 3G technology is so nice; you might even decide to stick it out for awhile with your personalized device.